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GoPro HD (720p30f)

The dawn of a new HD era

After about 400 runs my old Sony point and shoot camera’s image stabilizers finally gave up. Causing them to randomly bug out and try to counteract motion that wasn’t happening. As a result some videos would look like they were shot in the middle of a colossal earth quake. An interesting effect if your into that.

So it was time for me to start camera shopping. I attempted to go the route I was familiar with by picking up two ~180$ (tax in) point and shoot cameras. I planned on taking the worst performer back. Both did 720p and were waterproof which is a good start. But unfortunately both had internal rattles, mediocre mics, and cut down fields of view when in video mode. As a result. Both were returned.

A shot of each camera mounted in the same spot. The GoPro HD’s conditions were a bit more sunny.

Fujifilm XP20

Fujifilm XP20

Olympus TG-310

Olympus TG-310

GoPro HD (720p30f)

GoPro HD (720p30f)

I posted on Facebook that I was going to cave and get a GoPro after being disappointing by the point and shoot cameras. I got a number of people recommending the Drift HD 170. I found a cheap package on eBay and ordered away, easily undercutting the local street price by 100$. And while some of the features of the Drift HD were great, due to the lens being exposed and irreplaceable, I wasn’t comfortable haphazardly attaching it to other cars like I had become known to do. So I hit up eBay again and grabbed a GoPro HD Motorsport package for 100$ less than the local street price. While the two cameras were not cheap, they opened up a huge amount of recording options. Not only are they both great wide angle cameras, they also were boxed with lots of different mounts and add-onsĀ  for different scenarios.

My quick thoughts on the Drift HD 170

+ Standard tripod mounting point

+ Standard tripod accessories

+ Viewfinder

+ RF Remote

+ External mic input

– Exposed irreplaceable lens

– Somewhat awkward size (It’s kinda big!)

My quick thoughts on the GoPro HD Motorsport

+ Indestructibility (40$ to replace a housing if you really do bin it)

+ Superior waterproofness

+ Suction mount in the box

– Non-standard mounting accessories

– Somewhat awkward mounting (No rotating lens)

– No viewfinder at the Drift HD price range (Requires 100$ LCD backpack)

The Drift HD will work great for secondary safer angles, where the GoPro HD will be perfect for the more dangerous stuff. I’m very happy having both cameras and it will be fun to see what I can do using the strength and weaknesses of both.

Due to the Drift HD utilizing a quick release system incorporating standard tripod mounts, I was able to use the system to mount an older camera underneath my steering column to capture my footwork on the course. Three angles!

All together now!

All together now!

A years worth of autocrossing.

As some of you know, I record a lot of video during the seasons while autocrossing. Most of the footage is on board video which by itself might be a bit boring. So every once and a while I get bored and try to spice things up a bit. So at the end of one of the longest seasons yet, I attempted to sum up every event from PITL.

177 separate files make up the compilation which takes you around each event’s course of 2010. Looking back I would have picked something different for the first two music tracks. But overall I’m happy with what resulted and I’ve received some really good feedback. I’m looking to top it next year.

Link to video