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A(nother) years worth of autocrossing.

I collect a lot of footage over a year of autocrossing. Mostly due to the fact that I’ll stick my camera to anything that moves. People seem to enjoy and appreciate the gesture, and it doesn’t take that much work to upload. So I continue to do it.

At the end of the season I have a pile of videos all begging to be cut together. So for the past two years I’ve been recapping the Push It To The Limit (PITL) series by re-cutting a lap of each course of that year using clips from different cars.

Premeire Workspace

I don't rename all my titles. Don't judge me.

I’m pretty pleased with the result. Only disappointed that I didn’t buy a GoPro sooner. My Sony camera died half way through the season, which explains why 4 events are in SD and the remainder is in HD. You can find last years here.

Hope you enjoy!


Link to video

A years worth of autocrossing.

As some of you know, I record a lot of video during the seasons while autocrossing. Most of the footage is on board video which by itself might be a bit boring. So every once and a while I get bored and try to spice things up a bit. So at the end of one of the longest seasons yet, I attempted to sum up every event from PITL.

177 separate files make up the compilation which takes you around each event’s course of 2010. Looking back I would have picked something different for the first two music tracks. But overall I’m happy with what resulted and I’ve received some really good feedback. I’m looking to top it next year.

Link to video