I’ve been a car enthusiast for as long as I can remember. Before I could even get a license I was learning how to drive using simulators and wheel setups on my computer. I’ve continued to use simulators to hone and develop my skills to keep me competitive in amateur motorsport.

To keep things interesting I’ve been autocrossing for more than 3 years and have been able to bring home 3 consecutive class championships. Autocrossing is a great cheap way to work on your car control in a safe, controlled, and legal environment. I’ve learned to make the most of my cars strengths and weaknesses. I’ve even learned a few tricks. Powerslides are not out of the question.

Aside from drooling over metal and rubber I’m frequently playing video games of all types. Almost always with friends. Solo gaming gets boring fast with me.

I currently work in the Information Technology industry doing my best to fund my vehicular hobbies. This includes data administration, systems administration, programming, and end user support.